Lodging & Accommodations

Los Angeles is a very large city, so selecting accommodation is key to a successful visit.  Luckily, there are also several options for our out-of-town attendees.  The most important thing to know about the wedding is that it is on the “west side” of LA, and it is best to stay in the Westwood/Beverly Hills/Santa Monica/West LA/West Hollywood/Brentwood area to keep your driving time short.

1) Many of the guests are staying at the W Westwood, but since the hotel is now sold out for the weekend, other hotels such as the Beverly Hilton are also very convenient to all the wedding activities.

2) If the W is not for you, AirBnb or HomeAway are great private house/apartment rental services.  If you look in the areas near the venue and the beach, there are several options for rentals.

3) There are also other hotels in Santa Monica or the westside that range in prices.  The map below should help with finding lodging.  For reference, it is ~20 to ~30 minutes form Santa Monica to downtown with little or no traffic.



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