1 Week update!

We are closing in on the big day, and there are a few important things that we wanted to let people know/remind everyone about.

  1. On FRIDAY, we will be at Wokcano in Santa Monica at 10:00 PM after the rehearsal dinner to get drinks with everyone.  We will be in the courtyard upstairs, look for the people with big smiles.
  2. For SATURDAY, Bel Air does not allow for overnight parking at the venue, so if you needed one more reason to take a taxi or Uber to the wedding, this is it.  For transportation planning, there will be an after party later on at night with transportation back to the W at the end of the after party.  There is a $6 parking lot right next to the W hotel if you would like to park there.
  3. On SATURDAY, the schedule is to arrive at BACC at 4:30 PM to get seated for the ceremony start at 5:00 PM.
  4. The SUNDAY brunch will be at the W hotel in Westwood, we will be serving some local delicacies  at 11:00 AM in our suite.
  5. There will also be a poolside cabana reserved at the hotel on SUNDAY for anyone who wants to join in some recreation.

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